Farewell 22/10/2022

October 20th, 2022

这个星期六 (22/10) 是 Farewell。请全体会员穿上 HQ-T shirt 和 Jeans (深蓝或黑, 一定要长到脚踝, 不可有花纹)。

地点:A4前面的Pavilion (点名), Beranda



所有成员必须遵守 SOP 并在整个集会期间保持社交距离。

Attention to all members:
We will be having our Farewell this Saturday (22/10) from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. All members are required to wear HQ-T and Jeans (black or dark blue in colour, ripped jeans are not allowed). All members are required to gather at pavilion (in front A4) to take your attendance.

For members who are absent, you are required to pass up Surat Ketidakhadian within 3 days.

Please make sure that you bring along your own:
-hand sanitizer

All members MUST follow SOP (you can refer to the document sent before) and practice social distancing throughout the whole meeting.

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