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Form2 Group Training 18/1/20

Form2 members are practicing their bandaging.


Form4 members are asking form2 members questions.

Our form2 members are training for their marching.








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Kem Kepimpinan Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Conforming Malaysia kali ke-14 Tahun 2019

Date : 21/10/2019 (Hari Pertama)
Time : 2pm-11pm
Venue : Safira Country Club Seberang Jaya
1. Ong Yee Jia K3C
2. Tang Jasmine K3D

Date : 22/10/2019 (Hari Kedua)
Time : 7am-11pm
Venue : Safira Country Club Seberang Jaya
1. Ong Yee Jia K3C
2. Tang Jasmine K3D

Date : 23/10/2019 (Hari Ketiga)
Time : 6am-11pm
Venue : Safira Country Club Seberang Jaya, Komtar, Heritage(Georgetown)
1. Ong Yee Jia K3C
2. Tang Jasmine K3D
3. Khoo Yu Xian K3G
4. Teh Sin Joe K3C
5. Loh Han Mei K3E
6. Keoh Xuan Yun K3D
7. Oo Shan Qi K3F
8. Quah Tze Wynn K3F
9. Tan Min Xuan K3F
10. Yap Ern Ru K3E
11. Tan Xin Pei K3E
12. Chee Huey Huey K3F
13. Ong Jie Ting K3G
14. Vivian Ch’ng Yi Wen K3C

Date : 24/10/2019 (Hari Keempat)
Time : 7am-2pm
Venue : Safira Country Club Seberang Jaya
1. Ong Yee Jia K3C
2. Tang Jasmine K3D

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Meeting Rules


If any of our member knew that she will be late or might need to leave earlier in our meeting, has to get the permission from pn Lau Zhun Zhun latest on the day before meeting.


If any of our member is late for more than 15 minutes during meeting, she will be considered as absent and will not be given attendance but she has to carry out the remaining activities in that meeting. The late member must see our teacher advisor ,Pn. Lau Zhun Zhun on the following Monday to explain about the reason she is late and pass up parents letter.

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Gotong Royong 6/4/2019

On 6th of April, we have carry out activity gotong royong at St.John corner and compound of A5-A7.

Form 1 and Form 4 members are cleaning our St.John corner.

Some of our Form 1 members are cleaning the compound of A5-A7.

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Group Training 5/4/2019

One of our Form 4 member is teaching a Form 1 member marching.

Form 2 members are marching.

Form 4 members are teaching Form 1 and Form 2 members some first aid knowledge.

Form 2 member is guiding Form 1 members to perform checking-in-detail.

Form 2 members are practicing practical.

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Group Training 1/4/2019

Form 1 members are learning marching.

Form 2 members are marching.

One of our Form 4 member is teaching the Form 1 & Form 2 members some first aid knowledges.

Form 2 members are performing practical.

Form 1 member is practicing checking-in-detail.

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Update Notice Board 2019

Group members in-charge Due Date
D Group

Chew Hui Ting, Joey Lim Zhi Yi, Tan Dee Ning, Ester Loh Yeen Shan, Nicole Loo Yi Qian, Saw Rou Fang

C Group

Cheng Shin Yi, Elysia , Low Yi Ying, Lee Mei Lin, Lee Ming Yee, Sasmiitraa, Teo Wen Mhing

E Group

Koay Li Hoay, Ooi Shen Nee, Chong Jia Yun, Goh Wen Yi, Keoh Xuan Wei, Ooi Huey Ying

A Group

Fong Wen Xin, Tang Yu Qing, Emmy Teow Jia Xin, Chan Men Jin, Chia Jia Xin, Quah Yi Jing, Shudiksha

B Group

Casandra Teh Hooi Ying, Quah Moon Shine, Wan Ying Xuan, Oon Shao Tzhee, Lim Liu Teng, Charlotte Yeap Qing Yan


Every group is given approximately one month time to prepare for the board.

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Event : OBS CNY Run
Date : 27/1/19
Time : 7am-11am
Venue : Beach Street
1) Lee Zhi Jun S4C
2) Tan Min Xuan K3F

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Hari Kokurikulum 12/1/2019

Our school had organized a Hari Kokurikulum on 12/1/2019. The aim is to let the Form 1 students can get more information about our school’s kokurikulum.

Our members are performing footdrill for the parents and Form 1 students as an opening ceremony.

Form 3 members are performing case demonstration at the school field.

Form 3 members are preparing for their case demonstration.

Our members are making fake wound to the customers.

One of our Form 5 member is teaching the Form 1 students how to apply CPR.

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Hari Kokurikulum Duty 12/1/2019

Event : Hari Kokurikulum
Date : 12/1/2019
Time : 8am – 2pm
Venue : Penang Chinese Girls’ High School

Form 3
1. Quah Tze Wynn K3F
2. Ong Yee Jia K3C
3. Tan Min Xuan K3F
4. Keoh Xuan Yun K3D
5. Khoo Yu Xian K3G

Form 4
1. Ang Zhi Qi S4G
2. Lye Kemin S4C
3. Tan E-Wen S4E

Form 5
1. Heng Chia Ying S5F
2. Koay Chen Yee S5C
3. Ho Kah Yee P5A
4. Penny Chen Chai Zi S5A
5. Chek Chun Jing S5H

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